MPCC Accomplishments

Currently we are working on street re-surfacing, & sponsored dog-bag dispensers on the peninsula while caring for our fragile wetlands & ocean.

Our active Block Captains-Neighborhood Watch will soon we putting together an emergency evacuation plan as we do not currently have one specifically for the peninsula.





MPCC is working on a number of projects. Here are the current matters underway:


•    Production of Dog Bag Dispensers & placement within the

community of the Peninsula, a collaboration with local

businesses & homeowners

•    Coordination with LAPD Pacific Division on Public Safety

•    Creating plan for more MPCC community meetings

•    New member drive and member web site improvements

•     Ballona Lagoon Restoration Project – Hurricane to Topsail

•    Contribution to Magnet Leadership School on Anchorage
•    Creating Summer Party and Annual meeting

•    Quarterly open board meetings – come join us.

•    Signal light for left turn at Washington and Pacific

•    Traffic in and out of the Marina Peninsula

•    One-way street direction for Strongs Drive

•    Grand Canal improvements from Washington to Hurricane

•    Driftwood Park improvements funded by CA QUIMBY Act

•    Settlement of litigation MPCC brought against City for


•    Donation of funds for LAPD  to conduct video surveillance

of Peninsula

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