The meeting convened at 7:11pm

In attendance were Ric Underwood, Sandie West & Steve Schroeder
Carol Feuer was out of town.  Alaric Valentin was not in attendance.

– The board discussed the MPCC finances.  We are very aware that we need to raise funds and MPCC funds are near zero.  Regarding an upcoming fundraiser, we have agreed to contact the Venice Beach Suites & Hotel to use their rooftop for a fundraising mixer/happy hour.  A ’Spring Fling’ of sorts.  We can contact a local craft brewery and get restaurant food donations that may be willing to come sponsor the event.  Perhaps have a few donated items that could be raffled off.  We could raise funds by charging a nominal fee at the door.

– Mary Disney has a supply of dog bags and is still attending to the dispensers.  She has received donations from charitable residents.

– Streets committee … Sandie has talked to and will continue to inform local residents to contact her with all the streets needing pothole repair…she will contact DOT with a complete list and they will send a truck to repair all of them in one day

– We discussed doing possible revisions/additions to the MPCC charter, however there will be fees with refiling the changes.  We need to be able to raise funds before making these changes.

– Sandie met with Hope Morris, who has been contacting the city consistently about getting updated street signs / street cleaning signs…Hope is willing to work with the MPCC as needed per Sandie

– MPCC needs to review the new homeless measures that passed in the November election…their has been a significant increase in RV parking on our local streets overnight…and significant homeless encampment activity on our walk streets and alleys.  We obviously would like to reduce this activity for our community safety and aesthetic.

– The MPCC has filed a formal complaint with Ted Lieu’s office regarding the local US postal mail person, Gigi.  She has apparently cut off delivery to many of our local residents in response to people she does not care for.  There will be a congressional hearing against her if there are enough complaints formally filed.

– Ric Underwood, our treasurer, has expressed his intent to retire from the board.  A formal written notice is to follow, but has not yet been received.  The MPCC board will likely nominate Carol Feuer, our secretary, to take over duties of the MPCC treasurer, making her the secretary/treasurer.  This will come to a formal board vote if Ric’s retirement is officially completed.

– Local resident, Shandi Dollman, formally wrote the board requesting assistance with the speed at which drivers are driving their vehicles down our local streets…she has requested speed bumps and/or more support from the LAPD…please see the correspondence listed below.

The board meeting adjourned at 7:47pm.

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