Board Meeting Minutes October 2016

All board members were present…the meeting started at 7pm.

We are now recording meetings.  


We discussed whether or not we should get involved in the issues at the Community Garden. Steve spoke with Monty, the VP of the Eastwind Garden, via a brief phone conversation. The board voted to table action for now,

Steve Vulin came to speak about an event in the Spring for a Non-Profit Expo. E Pluribus Unum. We told him that we will try to help out with the Venice artists but we need more information and plans.  Fay, Sarah, Brittney are involved also.  It will be a one-time festival for now, but pending its success, they may run it again in the near future   

We discussed what we can do pertaining to the homeless issue.  

We also discussed having a fundraiser in January.  Sandie will handle it. We want to be a community.

Next month there will be new people at LAPD as well as Beaches and Harbors and we should connect with them.

Alaric got 80 per cent of his block’s signatures in a motion to get illegally parked RV campers ticketed.  However, new information is that the homeless will not be able to park in residential areas, only commercial areas.

Steve will speak to Debbie Dyner Harris.

We are working on potholes  

We also discussed other ideas for fundraising and establishing current contacts with LAPD, 

Community Updates: The board has noted its funds are dangerously low and we will need to raise funds in order to operate efficiently.  

We are striving for Board Cohesiveness, Communication

The meeting ended at 8:30pm.


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