Board Minutes June 2016

There is an issue that the valets from Leona’s are running across Washington, which is dangerous.  It was suggested that they wear reflective vests for their safety.
Per Debbie Dyner Harris,  Via Dolce Park from Driftwood to the Channel is an empty lot.   Residents say that the bridge will be built there, but the Via Dolce people don’t want it. On June 29th at 2:30PM a Public Hearing will be scheduled in Westchester.
Debbie Dyner Harris had an issue .  The RFP was not sent out but it is almost completed by General Services.
We should send a letter to Mike Bonin explaining the desires and problems.  A petition from the Peninsula will go a long way. We could go door to door.   One person should explain the situation and Ric will talk about it  How many signatures do we need?  Ric has an attorney .
The residents attorney for MPCC is Larry Jones   Clark Mc Cutchen has worked with VNCC.
We could look at a Class Action Lawsuit and we could join with VNC.
The Community Garden is not used by VNC.
Ric was kicked out of the Garden and his attorney stopped it. His check was never cashed.
Mary Disney said it was $1,500.00 for doggie bags.  It was suggested that we try to get a donation from Centinella Dog and Feed.
Steve will look into a Data Base.

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