Special thanks to The Terrace & Cows End for supplying light refreshments

& CA assembly Autumn Burke &
CA Senate Fernando Morales of Ben Allens’ office
This is a great time to come down and meet your representatives in the peninsula.
You are invited:
The list on the evite has been hidden for confidentiality purposes
7pm Elections & Meet the Board Candidates & Speaker sign up & Donations accepted gratefully at the door.
Please note that it is not necessary to pay donation in order to vote
7-7:30pm Voting & mingle with your neighbors/candidates & speakers, enjoy light refreshments
7:40pm Fernanado Morales office of Ben Allen (http://sd26.senate.ca.gov/)
7:43pm Debbie Dyner Harris – Mike Bonins’ district director
7:47pm Clabe Hartley of The Cows End with update on WSBIG – Washington Square Improvement District
7:52pm Marc Saltzberg  Venice Neighborhood Council
7:56pm Marcia Hanscom -Wetlands Sat County Meeting open spaces/parks
7:59pm Community Speakers – LAPD/CITY & more
– Saturday County Meeting – Parks in MDR
– Venice Auxiliary Pumping Plant project on Hurricane – 2nd proposed project
– Special Olympics
– Coastal Commission – Hotel & Wetlands – Zach SNR Staffer-permits on wetlands
Whomever signed up to talk about various topics in regards to our neighborhood
(time limit 3 mins approx so we can keep everything running smoothly)
8:108:15pm Open Forum in response to Speakers, the community, our environment, sustainability etc.  We will be soliciting feedback directly from you & constructive advise from you on any and all concerns that helps maintain the quality of life in The Marina Peninsula.  If you have  a desire to lead a committee, please let that be known.
******Absentee ballots can be mailed in to the corporate office address:
Marina Peninsula Community Council 
3401 Pacific Ave, 2B, Marina Del Rey CA 90292
***Please show a form of identification such as a copy of drivers license or utility bill with your name and address.
(sorry our online voting system did not complete in time for these elections)
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Suggested donation $25 per person
(if button does not work correctly )
(this email address is the MPCC PAYPAL address) 
Best wishes, always MPCC Board Members


MPCC Board of Directors
Larry Layne, Sandie West, Steve Schroeder, John Weston, Carole Feuer

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