Board Election Statements 2016

Sandie West

Sandie West MPCC

I have been a resident and business owner on the marina peninsula since 1994. I opened Creative Chakra Spa in 2003, which is the oldest and longest established spa in the community.  Since 2006, I have been serving our community as a board member of the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association (2006-2013) and currently as a founding member and board member of the Marina Peninsula Community Council.  I also serve on the board of directors of the Venice Chamber of Commerce and on a variety of other community organizations whose purpose is to enhance the community both culturally and economically.

In addition to serving the Marina Peninsula Community, I am also an accomplished member of Hollywood’s media and entertainment industry; a voting member of both BAFTA and SAG/AFTRA as well as co-producer of the Marina del Rey Film Festival and the owner of Beach Dancer Films.  I also co-chair, The Venice Media District, a committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce which allows our community to align with various media and press organizations with getting Marina Peninsula issues covered in print or other media.

My goal is to preserve our unique neighborhood and environment and create some historic landmarks to create sustainable development. Drawing attention to community, business and media to highlight our unique community to represent us with various government officials.

My existing work with on the Board of the Venice Chamber of Commerce has enhanced the community’s interest in the neighborhood as monthly board meetings are regularly attended by the LAPD as well as visits from representatives of the California State Senate and Assembly, LA City officials as well as attracting some great community leaders. MPCC business is one of my favorite things to do as I collaborate with my friends & business associates in the community in solving issues to enhance our quality of life. Please vote for me so I can continue to work and implement the vision we have created for MPCC and our community. I love serving my community.

Carole Chivezer


I have been a resident of Marina  Del Rey for over  19  years and my husband has been a resident of this community for 35 years.  I moved to Los Angeles in 1965 after graduating from George Washington University, and was hired by LAUSD to teach  English at Mark Twain Junior School in Venice. I eventually began a new career working in the music industry for a few years and then entered Law School. When  I graduated,  I became a prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office from 1983 to 2007. I have been involved with the Marina Peninsula Community Council for the past two years and would like to continue working with MPCC.

 Steve Schroeder


Steve Schroeder was born and raised in Glen Ridge, NJ.  He graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Financial Management.   Steve has lived in Los Angeles for 21 years and has been a successful film and tv actor and professional location scout in the commercial industry.  He has lived on Catamaran Street for 16 years and been involved with the MPCC for 5 years as a board member.

Steve headed up the ‘Doggie Bag’ dispenser project which was successfully launched 2 years ago on the peninsula.   He has been instrumental in helping to launch the Washington Square Business Improvement Group (WSBIG) and has maintained a close working relationship with the organization.  His vision for the MPCC is to grow into a autonomous, fully functioning well oiled machine similar to the Venice Neighborhood Council, which is officially recognized and works closely with the city government of LA and Councilman Mike Bonin’s office.  The MPCC will be the governing organization that Marina Peninsula residents and business owners will turn to in their time of need.

His diversity and intelligence makes him a leader in the community of Marina Del Rey, and the Los Angeles area.  He will be a strong asset to the Marina Peninsula Community Council continuing as a board member, and to the future of its’ development and importance to the people he will serve.

Richard Underwood

Rick Underwood

I have lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and, like the rest of us, have seen the Peninsula grow and change each and every year. As a resident, I’m interested in what all of us on the Peninsula are concerned with…quality of life.

While serving as President of Eastwind Gardens, the only community garden and green space on the Peninsula, I was able to take an ineffective organization and bring life back to the garden where there was once infighting, favoritism and the lack of caring, not only for the garden but for its membership. I did this by showing neighbors of the garden and the members that I was a fair and caring President. I could be counted on to treat all individual gardeners as equals and offer a helpful hand when necessary. The needs of the garden came before the needs of any one individual – when the garden as a whole was happy so, too, were its members. For ten (10) years the garden was a tranquil, inviting place.

I’ve worked in hospitality almost all my life. For those of you who have had a similar experience, you can appreciate what it takes to deal with 50+ employees, all with differing requirements. Additionally, I have experience with restaurant start-ups, negotiating with purveyors, lease owners and contractors, as well as working with the City, Health Department and Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), to provide necessary paperwork with the objective of turning an empty space into a full service restaurant.

As a board member of the MPCC, I will work diligently on important issues affecting the entire peninsula while treating all residents equally and respectfully as I interact with LA City officials, the Venice Neighborhood Council and local businesses to accomplish our combined concerns. My intention is not to hold positions with as many different local organizations, but rather to focus on the MPCC and Peninsula residents. I believe the combined energy and efforts of the MPCC’s Board and its members can be, over time, a powerful and influential community force.

Alaric Valentin

As a 30-year resident of the Venice and the Peninsula I feel uniquely qualified to serve on the MPCC Board.  Our community is changing and we need to manage that change. Public Safety and Infastruture concerns must be addressed with a clear and effective voice.

My experience as a small business owner, and volunteer with veterans health groups, has taught me how to identify problems and implement solutions. I love my neighborhood and want to be part of a team that expands the quality of our lives. I ask for you vote.


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