November 2, 2015, MPCC Open Board Meeting Minutes

Introduction: Larry Layne: Least Tern Migration yearly and mating habits.

Dr. Oger Auger : Biologist Environmentalist and Professor at Loyola Educating students about Environmental

Stacy Vigallon with Audubon Society, Project Biologist, coordinate volunteers.

Need Display panels about Lest Terns On Union Jack and interpretation desks on the weekend to educate the residents and the public .

About Least Terns:  9”, smallest “Least” ergonomic, yellow, Californian mating season is Mid April to Mid Aug and then migrate in Fall and winter to Central and Southern America

They can lay up 15 to 400 eggs in any nesting period. Need wide sandy beaches to mate. They dive for fish in lagoons and offshore water and they eat Anchovies.  They put small scrapes directly on the sand for nesting so not much camouflage. Both parents bring back fish for chicks.

In 2007, 2008, 20014 successful nesting occurred at Venice Beach and we are the only residential area to have a nesting ground for the least terns.  Natural predators, cats and dogs, rats crow. Crows take eggs.

Mating for the lest terns, a federal endangered species was great unitl the Coast went from natural and became Santa Monica pier, Venice , and other popular beaches that impacted wildlife populations.  More info:

A short film on Tern/Crow documentary:   Dr Eric Strauss; aversion methods to persuade crows to leave terns away.. Shocking crows to train it to leave least tern eggs away. April is in charge of communications of Least Terns and community events and we will have a community event in the future.

Marcia Hanscom Ballona Society…..discussed hotel proposal on marshland to take out manicured wetlands and create a 288 room hotel 7 story and an update on Mariners Village..Great blue heron is still surviving there and the plans for Mariners Village are not quite decided because of the neighborhood response.

We need to reach out to Janice Hahn in the near future as Don Knabe will be termed out.










Dr. Peter Auger

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