MPCC Elections Jan 29th 7pm @ Magnet School

On Jan 29th at 7pm at the Westside Magnet School in Marina Del Rey, the MPCC will hold an official election for a NEW Board of Directors.  The election will be the only order of business that night.  Within thirty days of the General Council meeting when the elections are held, a Board Meeting will be held at which time the newly elected Board will elect the Officers of the Council.  Officer positions which will be voted on and appointed by the new Board are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  This will comprise what will be the new MPCC Board of Directors and those elected will take office in January/February 2016.  All dues paying members are eligible to vote which is only $25 per person.

Anyone interested in running for an officer position should contact members of the election / nominating committee, Cindy Stern at , Steve Schroeder at and/or Sandie West at  Candidates can be nominated by peers or simply declare on his or her own.  Candidates will be vetted by the committee per the current MPCC charter to verify he or she is qualified and eligible to run and hold a position as an officer in the MPCC.  The cutoff date for any nominations or declaring candidacy will be Weds, Dec. 10th, 2015.  A candidate will win a Board position by having the most number of tallied votes combined from the absentee email votes  and the ‘in person’ election day votes on Jan 29th.  The newly elected MPCC Board of Directors will be announced via email and on the MPCC website, once the votes are tallied, verified and substantiated.  The newly elected MPCC Board of Directors will strictly adhere to and follow the established and approved MPCC by-laws (charter) from their assumption of duties in office from that point forward.

Per the MPCC charter, here is who may be eligible to run for an officer position:
All residents (“Residents”) 18 years of age and older living within the Neighborhood and owners of businesses (“Owners”) located within the Neighborhood are eligible to become members upon payment of annual dues.  The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of dues per dwelling and/or business annually.  A Resident or Owner is a member if his/her dues are current.  Active members shall provide an email address which will be utilized to contact them and for them to cast votes for elections and other Council matters.  The principal of Westside Global Awareness Magnet shall be an ex officio member of the Board (exempt from dues and not eligible to vote).

The Nominating Committee will be responsible for obtaining nominees’ permission to be placed on the slate.  Any dues-paying, adult member (over the age of 18) currently residing in the Neighborhood, or owning a business in the Neighborhood may be nominated. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a ballot listing the names and a brief statement by each of the qualified candidates.

A Council meeting will be held where candidates will be given an opportunity to make brief statements to the membership and answer questions.  At this meeting, any member who has paid his/her dues shall be qualified to vote.  Ballots will be made available to members attending the Council meeting.  A simple majority of votes cast by members who are present and those who have cast absentee ballots by email (and which were received by noon on the day before the election) shall determine any election.  The newly elected Board shall assume office at the following Board meeting, in February 2016.

The Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the “Board,” shall consist of at least five Directors.  Board Members shall not be compensated for their service.  The term of office for Directors shall be two years.

Positions and Duties:  The Officers of the Council shall be President, Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

President:  The President shall conduct meetings of the Council and the Board and represent the Council and coordinate its affairs.  The President shall coordinate all activities related to recruitment and support of Block Captains.

1st Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall discharge the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President, or as requested by the President or the Board, and shall become President if the post becomes vacant for any reason.

2nd Vice-President: The 2nd Vice-President shall act as a liaison with the Neighborhood CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Board and Council meetings, maintain all Council records and assume other duties as delegated by the board.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies and properties of the Council.  He or she shall be responsible for receipt and disbursement of funds and the keeping of accounts.  All disbursements shall be made by checks signed by the Treasurer, President, or 1st Vice-President and subject to the prior approval of the Board, and all checks in excess of $500 must be signed by two officers, one of whom must be the President or 1st Vice-President.

All dues can be sent:
With checks made payable to Marina Peninsula Community Council
and sent to:
3401 Pacific Av
Marina Del Rey
CA 90292
paid online via paypal on our website
can be collected on the night of January 29th at the Election Meeting.
Good luck!Cindy Stern
MPCC election/nominating committee director

Steve Schroeder
MPCC board member and election/nominating committee member

Sandie West
MPCC board member and election/nominating committee member


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