Minutes 7/29/15 – MPCC Board & MPCC Block Captains Meeting

Present: John, Sandie, Larry, Cindy, Steve V, Vince, Hope, Mary, Ric, Alaric, Maggie, David

Guest Speaker :David Eisenman: Part of the silver strand association, work on preparedness, survey for skills and resources. and find out extra needs for disaster, map our neighborhood and look at hotspots.  He offered another model available to see if it works for the Peninsula. Helps our community to be more resilient, engagement process, tie in to other agencies and non-profits, identify who needs more help, over the long term sense.  LAresiliance.org

Tsunami, earthquake preparedness, environmental, focused on earthquake.  Your neighbors are going to make the difference. Organize ourselves advocate for ourselves.  Need some structures rebuilt. Water Supplies are necessary.  Working together as a neighborhood, we recover more completely,

Walkie-talkies for group, ham radio.  A week of medications – first aid kits?  CERT training.  We can collaborate with fire dept.

Sandie updated that Alan from Emergency Management, Jesus and Mike Bonin from the City of LA will be coming down in approx 2 weeks…. For a meeting  to walk & talk on the peninsula in regards to emergency management.

Larry gave us an update about LIGHTHO– — USE BRIDGE:  Hope compiled 62  pictures of our lovely bridge that is deteriorating rapidly and not safe is an Evacuation is necessary on the Peninsula.  May be rebuilt. Needs to be a new modern Icon or redo the historic elements.

John: VNC referenced that city may need to build a new bridge, or  a significant improvement but will know more info at the next VNC meeting end of August.  Will report back.

Sandie: We are collaborating with Silver stand making it a historic monument?

——————————————————————————————–MP-CC Summer EVENT: Sat August 22nd  1 – 3, Union Jack and beach, ON THE BEACH BETWEEN OCEAN FRONT and VOLLEYBALL COURT

Mary is to work on getting a Porta potty, waste bins

Cindy ask restaurants (700 flyers going out) put restaurants on flyer

Sandie will get Sandwich boards basic info, and send invites out

Hope will do artwork on boards and flyers


Community Garden: Study group needed.  Lost another parking spot, crisis happening, Rick was elected and de-elected! Last year was invited to meet chief of staff Westchester office, went for coffee, recorded conversation, RFP garden and hasn’t been granted from anyone, going to reissue.  Legal Title  owned by (city of Los Angeles), right to operate is board of directors, idea was to grow things and extra to give who needs it. No enforcement.  Pay to LA garden council.   Selling the property. 4 lots?  Speak to Monty Rowan?

——————————————————————————————–Lawsuit to be filed, regarding Hotel being built on The Ballona Wetlands. ——————————————————————————————–

Carol was representing MPCC at the LA City Sidewalk repair public meeting tonight in (Westchester),  and we expecting a Report back from Carol on the topic

——————————————————————————————–VNC update from John – August 8th, BBQ at Oakwood Park in Venice

VNC are discussing about too many B&B (rentals by owners) in Venice & the homeless community

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